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Customers (carbon emitters)

Multiple emitters across Scotland and beyond, providing opportunities to create and preserve jobs, support local supply chains, and create fully integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) developments.

Onshore infrastructure

By working with National Gas Transmission to repurpose existing onshore infrastructure, the Scottish Cluster will limit the costs of CO₂ transportation.

Offshore infrastructure

The North Sea is home to aquifers and depleted oil and gas fields suitable for use as major underground CO₂ storage sites. Acorn intends to inject CO₂ into the Acorn and East Mey stores in the North Sea, with a potential combined capacity of 240MtCO₂. Two offshore oil and gas pipelines will also be repurposed (Goldeneye and the Miller Gas System) which will connect St Fergus with the storage facilities below the North Sea bed.

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