Hydrogen Demand – Expression of Interest

The Hydrogen in Scotland report published in September 2020 summarises that Scotland could be producing 121 TWh of hydrogen by 2050 through a combination of hydrogen supplied from the reforming of natural gas with carbon capture and storage (blue hydrogen) and the electrolysis of water (green hydrogen). Acorn Hydrogen will initiate large scale hydrogen production starting with a 200MWt reformer in 2025 at St Fergus in North East Scotland, with the project acting as a catalyst for developing the hydrogen market within Scotland and beyond.

Several key enablers are required to enable hydrogen development at scale, including clarity on the business model to support hydrogen production and use. To further support large scale hydrogen production a further enabler is the need to establish long term potential demand for hydrogen.

With this in mind the Acorn Hydrogen Project is inviting Expressions of Interest from large energy users who are interested in receiving hydrogen, most probably as a low carbon fuel switch. Whether you are an existing or planned site, if you have genuine interest in being supplied hydrogen for your operation then Acorn Hydrogen would like to hear from you.

The input will also help inform the logistics, practicalities and prioritisation of the various routes to market being explored for how hydrogen is moved from points of generation to points of use. Whilst 2025 might appear to be a long time in the future, projects of the scale of Acorn Hydrogen take several years to mature.

Please follow this link to the simple, Hydrogen Demand Expression of Interest form.